Country Fire Authority Medium Tanker

Project Overview

Client : Country Fire Authority

Project : Supply of Medium Tanker

Field : Fire


The Medium Tanker is designed to carry a total of 2350 litres, making it the reliable resource to attend scrub and bushfires and when required, the vehicle willattend structural fires in suburban areas. The Medium Tanker is fitted out with lockers which include drawers and shelves to carry support equipment to incidents, including a breathing apparatus. R.A. Bell has manufactured 113 Medium Tankers for Country Fire Authority.

Vehicle specification

Cab Chassis : Hino GT 1322 Crew Cab 4×4

GVM : 13,000kg

Body : Galvanized steel sub frame and aluminium chequer plate flooring, roll over protection bar at the forward position, aluminium lockers and stowage devices

Pump : Stand-alone Diesel Driven two stage centrifugal pump with nominal rated output of 900 L/min @ 700 Kp

Water System : Front of vehicle mounted remote controlled 0 -450 lpm monitor, Ultra High Pressure Pumping System (nom. 50 l/min @ 700 Kpa) c/w 1 x 60m live hose reel), suction inlets and delivery outlets, class A foam system, crew protection sprinkler system and a 2350 litre polypropylene tank

Electrical : One Hazard Systems light bar, one mini light bar and LED’s, siren amplifier, Grover air horn, Tait radio system, intercom system,

Controls: Cabin, tray and rear pump and monitor controls and a water tank monitoring system