Stormwater Services

With specialist teams operating in Melbourne and Sydney, Bell has a proud history of providing Stormwater Management and Drainage Services to Government and Private Sector industry for over 20 years.

Bell can provide you with a complete package of stormwater maintenance solutions with our team of highly experienced operators and have the ability to service all types of CDS & GPT devices.

Our diverse experience also allows us to tackling often difficult jobs including culvert and creek cleans as well as dredging ponds, channels and dams too.

Having in house fabrication capabilities also allows us to manufacture new or complete repairs to damaged device screens, trash racks, cages, access ladders, lids, grates and more.

At Bell we are extremely conscientious of the impact our work can have on the environment. Our service focus is to provide solutions designed around the complete maintenance of your Stormwater assets whilst ensuring the highest environmental, ethical & OH&S standards are met. Where possible, the waste collected with be filtered for recyclable material and organics to minimise our landfill footprint.

We are also part of award winning Stormwater solutions as the contractor providing Stormwater services to the Councils awarded the “Excellence in Asset Management” category by Stormwater NSW. In 2014 with Pittwater Council & in 2015 with Bankstown Council.

You can trust Bell to deliver a reliable, cost effective and environmentally focused approach to the management of your Stormwater assets.

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