Country Fire Authority Heavy Pumper

Project Overview

Client : Country Fire Authority

Project : Supply of Heavy Pumper

Field : Fire


R.A. Bell teamed up with Country Fire Authority to successfully roll out twelve Heavy Pumper vehicles to station’s across Victoria.Equipping fire stations with newly built vehicles was a part of a growth program the Victoria Government initiated, the program is known as the 350 Firefighter Program (P350). Heavy Pumpers are likely to attend to urban incidents such as structural fires and motor vehicle accidents. The Heavy Pumper transports support equipment and has a 2000ltr water capacity and relies on a water source in close proximity to extinguish fires.

Vehicle specification

Cab Chassis : Scania P320 Crew Cab Chassis 4×2

GVM : 15,000kg

Body : Fabricated sub frame and an aluminium profile body, lockers and stowage devices to store and transportsupport equipment to incidents

Pump : Godiva Prima P2B-4010 two stage multi-pressure bronze pump – 4750 litres per minute to 5500 litres per minute at 1000 kPa (low pressure stage), 550 litres per minute at 4000 kPa. (High pressure stage) and 4750 litres per minute at 1000 kPa and 400 litres per minute at 4000 kPa (simultaneous operation)

Water System : The water system includes a roof mounted monitor, two 90metre x 25mm hose reels operating 450 to 550 litres per minute, suction inlets and delivery outlets, water tank, class B foam system and a 2000 litre polypropylene tank

Electrical : Two Federal LED Vector Vision light bar, Britax LED’s, standard CFA radio system and P.A, Carson siren amplifier and a Fireco telescopic light mast

Controls : Pump and monitor controls are located in the rear of the body