Hydraulic Rear Door Kits

The Hydraulic Clamps are positive safety devices (i.e. they remain locked in the absence of fluid power) designed to close open bottom tanks. Hydraulic Clamps are operated by hydraulic pressure that must be supplied by the machine they are installed on.
The Bottom Hinges are devices designed to be installed on the upper part of opening bottoms, on cylindrical tanks. Bottom Hinges are supplied with disassembled shaped plates, in order to adapt them both to the tank and to the opening tank bottom. They are equipped with a threaded eyebolt, which allows to easily adjust and adapt them to the specific installation conditions of the customer.

The Manual Hand Wheel Clamps are safety devices designed to allow closing open bottom tanks. Hand Wheel Clamps are equipped with welded supports (available in mild steel or stainless steel versions) on the tank and tank bottom respectively, and with partly threaded tie rod and clamping hand wheel.

Download Hydraulic Clamps Brochure
Download Manual Hand Wheel Clamps Brochure


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