Secondary Shutoff/ Cyclone Separators

The Vertical Secondary Shutoff/ DL & PR Cyclone Secondary Shutoff and moisture trap are designed to be installed in correspondence of the vacuum line of a decompressor designed for the creation of vacuum inside a tank. It prevents foreign bodies (liquids or solids) that could carry over past the primary shutoff from entering inside the decompressor by blocking the intake line with a stainless steel floating ball.

The DL & PR Cyclone Secondary Shutoffs consists of a vertical cylinder which tangentially receives the flow to be scrubbed at high speed. As a result of centrifugal force, the various elements contained inside the fluid are separated according to their density. The purified fluid is freed through the upper axial outlet, whereas the material to be recovered is collected in the lower part of the cyclone and discharged after each job.

Download Vertical Secondary Shutoff Brochure
Download DL Cyclone Secondary Shutoff Brochure
Download PR Cyclone Secondary Shutoff Brochure


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